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173 Royal Tiger Squadron - Recruit Information Sheet


Thank you for deciding to enroll in 173 Royal Tiger Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

(sqn). The following information will assist you in preparing for your first parade night with the unit.

Timings: 173 sqn parades every Wednesday night from 1800h to 2100h. New recruits are asked to arrive no later than 1800h to ensure a smooth first training night, and to tend to any administrative issues. Cadets will be dismissed every night no later than 2100; we ask that all parents be ready to pick their child up promptly at this time. Parents are more than welcome to arrive between 2040h-2100h in order to listen to closing parade announcements in the gymnasium, should they wish.

Location:  173 sqn parades every Wednesday night at Trenton High School, 14 - 4th Avenue, Trenton, Ontario. Cadets meet in the school in the gymnasium. Cadets are not permitted entry prior to 1750h.

What to Bring: It is very important that all new recruits are prepared for every night of training. A notebook/binder and a pen are two essential items that every recruit must bring with him/her every parade night.

Application Information: Cadets have no more than TWO weeks to submit completed membership forms to the recruit officer along with all supporting documentation. It is very important that parents and recruits thoroughly read through all sections of the membership package and ensure all required information is completed. Photocopies of a valid OHIP/private medical insurance card AND ONE of the following (birth certificate/permanent resident card/ passport/government issued ID) must accompany every membership package. Any incomplete packages will result in a slow enrolment process for the recruit. Cadets will not be permitted to attend any extracurricular training activities until a complete membership package has been submitted. Please ensure all forms are completed in blue/black ink, NOT in pencil.

What to Wear: Uniforms will be provided to new recruits at no cost. Until these uniforms are issued, all recruits are requested to wear the following to every parade night unless directed otherwise: 1) clean shirt w/ collar; 2) clean pants (no holes); 3) clean comfortable shoes. All clothing must be wrinkle and dirt free. Males must have neatly groomed hair, trimmed at the ears, and tapered at the back. Females must securely tie their hair in a neat bun at the back of the head, or left loose and not to exceed past the shoulder (this option will only be used if hair is too short to be tied in a bun). Hair accoutrements must match hair colour. Minimum make-up for females is permitted. Female recruits are permitted only one single stud gold, silver, or white earring per ear worn in the centre of each earlobe.

Important Information:

Dedication - please remember that our unit parades every Wed night from 1800h-2100h. This is

a mandatory training night and cadets must attend every week in order to succeed throughout the program. Under exceptional circumstances, cadets must call the sqn phone, or inform their senior cadet in the event they are unable to attend. We recommend you bring a bottle of water with you. Snack/beverages will be made available for purchase each night (proceeds raised will be used towards sqn activities).

Respect of Property - Uniforms are on loan to cadets free of cost. We do however require that uniform items be taken care, maintained, and kept safely. Should you decided to leave the sqn, the uniform (property of the Department of National Defence) must be washed and returned to the unit. Office space is limited at our location. We kindly ask that all parents remain outside of the sqn office and away from the surrounding entrance, unless dealing directly with a staff member. All parents must first check in at the duty desk near the entrance prior to making their way to the sqn office.

Parent Involvement: There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the training of our cadets. Not only is parent involvement highly encouraged, but assisting in the development of Canada’s future can be extremely rewarding. Should you have an interest in this area, feel free to contact the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).

Contact Information: Most of our information is posted on our website with frequent updates made on our Facebook page. We strongly suggest that you bookmark our website and like our Facebook page to remain updated on pertinent sqn information. If you have any further questions regarding our unit operations, feel free to contact us.

Sqn Office/Voicemail - (613) 394-5156



Facebook: 173tigers 

Get ready for some of the most exciting and rewarding years of your life! Best of luck in your involvement with 173 Royal Tiger Squadron and we’ll see you soon.


Wed Sept - May

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